TP Pipeline December 2016

This holiday season we would like to wish you and your family peace and joy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To: <tim.hoover@tpmechanical.com>
Cc: <pat.duckworth@tpmechanical.com>
Subject: Columbus Main Library

Dear Mr. Hoover,


As we have recently completed the Columbus Main Library renovation, I wanted to take a minute to write you and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed working with your team on the project.  Specifically, Jason Finkbeiner and Dave Vendetti.  Both of these gentleman were professional and operated with a project first approach.   It was a difficult project with multiple changes throughout.  Jason and Dave responded to changes and Turner’s request in a timely professional manner.  The project was a success in large part due to both of their efforts.  Again, thank you and your team and let them know their efforts were appreciated.


Tré Young  │ Superintendent 
Turner Construction Company

AAP Releases Updated Safe Sleep Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released new guidelines designed to help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other types of sleep-related infant deaths, which are also known as sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUIDs). SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants between 1 month and 1 year of age, with 90 percent of SIDS cases occurring before an infant is 6 months old.

The new report suggests that:

  • Infants should sleep in the same room as their parents, but in separate beds, for at least the first six months of their lives.
  • Infants should never sleep on a soft surface, such as an armchair or couch.
  • Infants should be placed on their backs to sleep on a firm surface with a tight-fitting sheet.
  • Parents should avoid putting an infant in a crib with pillows, loose sheets, blankets or other soft surfaces.

For more information, visit the AAP’s website.

Congratulations estimating and sales for securing work totaling $6,460,706 and total man hours of 47,274. Wins below are reported for the month of November 2016.

CMH Checkpoint C Expansion
Riffe 12th Floor HOR Page Office
Muirfield Country Club
Riffe 17th Floor Office Renovation
Crawford Hoying Fire Pump Repair
Chawla Condo at Parks Edge 12th Floor
Bechtle Crossing Rue 21
StoryPoint Fairfield
WPAFB B-4012
P&G Early Piping Buildings J & L

TP Mechanical Projects 2016

10th Frame
Air Comfort Corporation
Buckhead Mountain Grill
Circle K Midwest
CTA Acoustics Inc.
Dominion Gas Tramsmission
Embassy Suites Corporate Exchange
Family Farm and Home
Fayette County Extension Office
Gate Gourmet
General Dynamics Corbin
General Dynamics London
Givaudan Flavors Corporation
Hammacher Schlemmer
Holt Construction
IAC Greencastle
Joint Forces Headquarters
Kdm P.O.P. Solutions Group
Little Scholars I
Mingua Jerky
Model Construction
Nisbet Property Holdings, LTD
OSU Accounts Payable
OSUMC Accounts Payable
Rowan County Arts Center
Rowan County Judicial Center
Schaefer & Associates
SkyZone Plainfield
Streets of West Chester
The Fresh Market #097
Tractor Supply
Trinity National Accounts

Nine Snacks for Healthier Blood Pressure

Presented by TP Mechanical | Provided by UnitedHealthcare

Try these quick and tasty ideas inspired by the DASH eating plan

Snacks can be a nutritious part of a heart-healthy diet — when you choose wisely. These ideas are inspired by the eating plan known as DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). DASH is rich in nutrients and low in sodium. It’s been proved to lower high blood pressure. And that can take a big bite out of your risk of both heart attack and stroke — and other health conditions too.

To learn more continue to the article by clicking here or the picture below.

Reduce Your Holiday Stress

The holidays can bring joy, but they can also bring stress. Whether you are worried about money, gift-giving or finding enough time to get everything done, using the following coping mechanisms can help you manage and reduce your holiday stress.

  • Get organized—Writing down the things you need to do or places you need to be can help you visualize your to-do list and make it seem much more manageable.
  • Know that it’s OK to say “no”—If attending an event that isn’t important to you will interfere with you getting work done or running errands, just say “no” politely.
  • Create and stick to a budget—Money is one of the biggest holiday stressors for people. Set a realistic budget this holiday season and don’t go over it.
  • Ask for help when you need it—You don’t have to decorate, wrap presents or cook by yourself. Ask friends or family members to help you complete these tasks.

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