TP Mechanical’s Equipment Replacement Process




TP Mechanical’s Equipment Replacement Process

At TP Mechanical, we offer a variety of service types, including equipment replacement. After assessing the existing equipment, our service team will discuss the equipment replacement steps with the customer and ensure their needs are met with efficiency and cost savings in mind.

 Steps to Equipment Replacement:

  1. Our service team will work with the customer to determine the right balance of efficiency and cost savings for their needs. Several considerations must be discussed when selecting a replacement unit:
      • Has the purpose of the space changed?
      • How important is high efficiency to the customer?
      • Is this unit for process equipment or space conditioning?


  1. Discuss with the customer their satisfaction with the brand of the current unit. It is typically more cost effective to stay with the same brand because the unit’s footprint is likely to remain the same.


  1. Determine availability of equipment. The urgency of the replacement will determine the brand selection. Lead times for certain manufacturers can be long, so the customer’s current or desired brand may not have the ability to fill their replacement order in a timely fashion.


  1. If the new unit’s footprint is different than the existing unit, a duct transition or curb adapter may be required. Major changes could require engineered drawings.


  1. Verify if the building has a building automation system (BAS) and if the new equipment is compatible. A BAS is sometimes connected to all HVAC equipment to allow owners to shift heating/cooling loads, stagger when equipment runs and curtail potential problems before they occur.


  1. After installation, our service team will determine the best plan for preventative maintenance on the new unit.


Our replacement process is designed to determine the brand, efficiency and cost-savings ratio that best suits the customer’s new needs. Are you interested in discussing your replacement needs with the TP Mechanical service representative? Call our service team today at (800) 829-1989.


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