Save Energy (And Money!) This Winter




Save Energy (And Money!) This Winter

With the rising cost of energy, conservation has become a hot topic. Everyone can do their part to lower energy costs and become more energy efficient. 
What Can YOU Do Today to Save Energy? 
    – Change HVAC filters 
    – Invest in smart thermostats and set a schedule 
    – Make sure all windows are sealed 
    – Unplug chargers when you are not using them 

Now Think Big Picture Energy Savings! 
Our service team at TP Mechanical is committed to helping our customers save money when it comes to repairs, replacements and energy efficiency. As part of our preventative maintenance contracts, our service team will look at a customer’s existing piece of equipment, take the number of estimated cooling hours in a year and factor in the kilowatt rate to give an estimated usage cost. Using the same formula, usage cost is then estimated for a new piece of equipment. Comparing the two estimates to show energy savings, the team can determine whether the best course of action is to replace or repair a piece of equipment.  

Call our service team today at (800) 829-1989 to discuss customized energy savings options.   


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