University of Kentucky Research Building 2

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Construction Manager:





University of Kentucky

Whiting Turner




$2.5 million

Project Description

The University of Kentucky Research Building 2 is 300,000 square feet dedicated to health science research. According to Linda B. Blackford of the Lexington Herald Leader, this building symbolizes the school’s hope of improving Kentucky’s dismal health statistics by conducting research to help solve Kentucky’s high rates of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Whiting Turner hired TP Mechanical as the plumbing subcontractor for phase two of the University of Kentucky Research Building. Our first task was working together through coordination to reassure the first phase of construction correlated with the intended design of the second phase of construction. The schedule was aggressive, and to ensure the acid waste and reverse osmosis systems remained on schedule, we certified our entire crew for installation of both piping systems. In efforts to reduce on-site installation time, we developed a CAD model and coordinated all plumbing piping systems with all other subcontractors’ installations on the project.

After coordination was complete, we sent the piping design to our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified fabrication facility. We fabricated pipe-racked systems for all horizontal piping, pipe hangers, drains, carriers, and much more. Another challenge was that the project site logistics didn’t offer much space for stored materials, so we utilized our Kentucky Distribution Center. By doing so, we delivered materials in time for installation on mobile carts to allow for these materials to be moved to the point of use with minimal effort. The use of our DC and creative material handling reduced waste on the job site and provided a cleaner, safer, job site for partnering subcontractors and employees, and provided the customer with a state of the art installation for a state of the art building.


Blackford, L. B. (2015, October 23). UK kicks off work on new $265 million health research building. Retrieved from Lexington Hearld Leader: http://www.kentucky.com/living/health-and-medicine/article42669987.html


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