TriMold Fire Protection System

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When TriMold LLC, a plastic supplier for Honda, came to us to design and build their fire protection system, we knew we had quite a job on our hands.

Due to the nature of the type of production going on in this facility, fire suppression and special hazard design was vital to the safety of the building and its occupants. Additionally, the remote location of the facility meant it didn’t have a nearby water source sufficient enough to sustain the necessary hazard design.

We started our creative engines and got moving on design. Our engineers devised a system that included an aboveground 200,000-gallon water storage tank, a diesel engine-driven fire pump, a pump house structure, new underground piping, and three fully-sprinklered buildings. We also provided footings and foundations for the new tank and pump house.

We knew that working around a fully-occupied production facility while in operation was part of the job. Our team, led by jobsite superintendent Dan Miller, maintained our usual high standards of safety, worked clean and kept the lines of communication open with regular updates to minimize disruption of TriMold’s day-to-day operations.

When we started on the foundation for the 32’ X 34’, 834-ton water tank, we discovered that unfavorable soil conditions threatened the long-term integrity of the structure. We went back to the drawing board, did some research and utilized Geopier technology for soil stabilization. Putting this technology in place would guarantee minimal foundation settlement and prepare it to hold the weight of the tank.

This project had plenty of twists and turns in store for us, but we’re no strangers to challenge and our design-build team conquered each one and delivered an air-tight fire protection system on time, in budget, with minimal disruption of the day-to-day operations of the facility.




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