St. Agnes School Renovation

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Diocese of Covington

Danis Building Construction

SHP Leading Design

SHP Leading Design



April 2013

September 2013

St. Agnes School is a parish school servicing K-8th grades in Fort Wright, Ky. As part of a $3 million renovation project of the 57-year-old school building, TP Mechanical installed the prefabricated corridor racks as well as the mechanical piping.

TP Mechanical was hired by Danis Building Construction to deliver excellence in the plumbing and mechanical renovation during the spring and summer of 2013. With a tight schedule, TP Mechanical had to develop solutions for minimal disruption to the students while they were finishing the school year. 

Utilizing our ISO-Certified fabrication facility, we prefabricated the main corridor racks and the mechanical piping while school was still in session and demolition sessions took place in the evening. We red-lined the coordination drawings with the existing conditions once the ceiling was removed and demolition completed. When school was dismissed for the year, we were ready to install the prefabricated racks and mechanical piping.

Despite encountering issues with the model, we were able to make adjustments in the field and still complete the project within the tight schedule.


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