Morgan Elementary School

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Ross Local Schools

Turner Construction Company

SHP Leading Design

SHP Leading Design


$2.8 million

January 2014

August 2014

Butler County’s 10 public school districts have spent a combined $24.4 million in construction, renovations and capital improvements this summer. (Poturalski, 2014)

For many schools districts the repairs were routine re-paving parking lots, but many were also upgrading classrooms to accommodate STEM classes and updating buildings with more security features and energy-efficient systems. (Poturalski, 2014)

Renovations to Morgan include secure entrances; a new energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling system; an enlarged cafeteria and kitchen; new music and art classrooms; new life/safety systems including sprinklers, fire alarms and security cameras; all doors and windows replaced; new furniture; and all new ceilings, floors and paint.

Turner Construction Company was awarded the project as Construction Manager at Risk while SHP Leading Design was awarded the lead for the Architecture and Engineering Services for this project. 

Turner Construction approached several different Mechanical Companies but elected to award TP Mechanical as the turn key Mechanical Contractor for this project. 

TP Mechanical provided the Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection services for this project. This provided one contact for Turner Construction for all of the Mechanical Services throughout this fast paced project.

Our project team was able to deliver the overall 3-D coordination model ahead of schedule as all coordination was completed within our organization, with the exception of the Electrical scope of work that was awarded to United Electric. 

We approached this project with a one team mentality working as a partner with Turner Construction Company and all other awarded trades as time was of the essence. 

The overall Mechanical scope of work included a completely new wet and dry sprinkler system, new pluming system including all equipment & (126) new plumbing fixtures along with a new mechanical system with all new equipment consisting of a Cooling Tower, (2) DOAS units, (1) Roof Top Unit and all new pumps. The Mechanical system also included a chemical treatment system. 

This project experienced a few issues with the existing underground conditions and the tight spacing available above ceiling that could of very well delayed this project, however all parties involved worked together as one team to find acceptable solutions to these issues, that allowed the overall project to remain on track and finish on time.


  “We knew that on the Morgan Elementary School project, Turner needed to make sure we selected subcontractors who were the best of class firms in order to meet the high quality demands of the client and to meet a very aggressive schedule. In essence this project was completed in six and one-half months. We selected TP Mechanical as our subcontractor for HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection. .. TP performed admirably on this project, despite numerous setbacks due to unforeseen conditions encountered during construction.”

– Denny Humbel, Vice President, Director K -12 Education, Turner Construction Company




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