Dunnhumby Office Space


Construction Manager:





Start Date:

End Date:


Turner Construction Company


KLH Engineers


$1.2 million

December 2013

February 2015

dunnhumbyUSA is expanding their Cincinnati, Ohio, office location to a brand new building downtown. dunnhumby is known for their business model of customer science, which means they use company data to analyze their customers’ wants and needs, to help their companies build loyal relationships. The overall design of the building inside and out is made to showcase the company’s collaborative culture; it is set up so the public of downtown Cincinnati can have a view of how the employees work. The building will consist of about 650 to 700 employees.

dunnhumby will have its’ office space on floors five through nine with the parking garage to serve as extra expansion space if needed on floors two through four. The first floor is 27,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. The Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) is in charge of renting that space out to local businesses that compliment dunnhumbyUSA business model.

TP Mechanical was hired by Turner Construction Company to install the plumbing for this project. This project has an interesting twist the building is being built by two different owners’ dunnhumbyUSA and 3CDC each group hired their own construction staff’s. Level P1 houses all the main water supplies which this level is owned by 3CDC. In an effort to minimize our involvement on this floor we utilized our ISO Certified fabrication facility to build the water heaters and the piping coming off the heaters to feed to the dunnhumby levels, along with the carrier groups for the restrooms.



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