Champions Court I – University of Kentucky

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Messer Construction


TP Mechanical

Education / University Dormitory

$7.1 million

July 2013

July 2014


Champions Court I opened in the Fall of 2014. It offers students two person suites with private bedrooms. Students have individual doors to their bedroom and share a bathroom and small common space with their roommate.

Our team at TP Mechanical was able to provide design/build capabilities that deliver a unique value to our customers. We pair decades of knowledge and experience with the latest technology. Utilizing an integrated design-build delivery team, this partnership met a challenging schedule on four dormitory projects at the University of Kentucky. The projects included development of new dormitories, plus new residence halls on the north end of campus (Cooperstown).

TP Mechanical designed each building by utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. TP Mechanical’s team then created the detailed installation drawings. The plumbing design for the projects included domestic hot and cold water, natural gas systems and sanitary waste ventilation.

The scope of these projects required contributions from nearly every team at TP Mechanical; from contracting and prefabrication to CAD. With extensive teamwork and collaboration from every department, the team utilized the latest technology, along with some creative problem solving, to conquer the many challenges presented by these buildings.

The first step was to prefabricate the piping and get it to the job site in a timely manner. The elevated decks were cast concrete (and post-tensioned at the Champions Court 1 location), so there was no room for error when it came to locating the sleeves without coring. The combined team utilized the CAD system and an in-the-field Trimble unit to eliminate mistakes made by human error.

By using this approach, it allowed TP Mechanical to complete the job rapidly by facilitating faster location and layout of sleeves, underground piping and mechanical chases. 

This dormitory project wasn’t finished with the installation of the piping; the timeline was further streamlined by coordinating with PIVOTek, a trusted partner in prefabricated pods to install fully-equipped bathroom units in some of the dormitories in record time.

By integrating innovative technological advances such as CAD and Trimble, our team took teamwork to the next level. We were able to complete the projects in time to open the doors of four new dormitory buildings to UK students.



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