Bureau of Workers Compensation – Chiller/Ice Tank Replacement

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Ohio BWC

Ohio BWC

Star Consultants, Inc

Star Consultants, Inc

Chiller Replacement

$1.8 million

December 2010

June 2011

There are projects that come along that are truly unique. This is one of those. TP Mechanical was tasked with replacing 20-year-old chillers without disrupting the air conditioning during the process. TP Mechanical met that request and exceeded expectations when it replaced the Chiller/Ice Tank at the William Green Building, home of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation main offices in Columbus, Ohio.

TP Mechanical replaced four old Dunham-Bush chillers with four York chillers on the 13th floor. We also rebuilt 5 cooling towers on the 34th floor/roof. 

The unique part of this project is that TP Mechanical installed four different means to cool the building, or sections of the building. By using these different types of cooling units, we were able to deliver cost efficiencies and ensure day-to-day operations would continue.

The objectives and challenges for this project were as follows:

1.     Cool the computer floors continuously; these floors could not lose cooling at any time.

2.     Maintain comfort cooling to a 33-story building while replacing chillers.

3.     Switch over the old glycol system to a new chilled water system within a 12 – 14 hour timeframe.

4.     Use alternate means of cooling while piping is switched from glycol system to chilled water system.

5.     Remove old equipment from the building without causing inconvenience to the building occupants.

6.     Deliver new equipment to the building without causing inconvenience to the building occupants.

7.     Coordinate work to minimize disruptions and maximize productivity. 

This project also required a two-day crane lift, beginning on a Saturday morning and finishing Sunday. This crane lift required special planning, scheduling, and coordination. A TP Mechanical crew with special skills was one of the most critical pieces to this lift.

“As both a registered architect and owner representative, I am often very critical of the construction team with whom I work on any project. I would like to take this opportunity to express how pleased I was with the level of service provided by TP Mechanical on the Bureau’s Chiller Replacement Project and to document that TP provided a standard of professionalism that surpassed my expectations.”
–    Leslie Pomeroy, Director of Facilities, Ohio BWC

Excellence in Construction (EIC) Awards; for “Mechanical-More than $10 Million” awarded by Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.




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