SENKO (U.S.A.), Inc.

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Construction Manager:





Denham Blythe

TP Mechanical



Project Description

During the summer of 2016, our service team in Lexington, Kentucky, was tasked with a project that included designing and installing an industrial walk-in cooler and freezer for Senko (U.S.A), Inc.

Measuring 23,000 square feet in size, configuring these refrigeration systems presented several challenges. Chief among those was the need for the units to run at different temperatures consistently throughout the day + 34 degrees in the cooler and -20 degrees in the freezer. We needed to find a cost-effective solution for the owners that still allowed the systems to run at optimal temperatures. We delivered by installing parallel racking systems and an innovative underground heating system, both of which can be monitored via the web from any location.

Instead of installing eight units and splitting them, utilizing the racking systems allowed us to tie together eight compressors. This gave the system the capability to maintain the proper suction via one or two compressors rather than running all eight simultaneously. By optimizing the systems’ energy usage, our design and installation provides the customer significant savings on their monthly utility bill.

In addition to the racking system design, we provided the owners with more overhead expense relief by installing a glycol system under the building’s concrete slab. The system, which also runs off the racking system, warms the earth under the freezer to provide enhanced, around-the-clock temperature regulation. This installation is saving the customer anywhere from $10 to $12 thousand a year.

“This system is the exception to the rule when it comes to temperature control and efficiency,” said Terry Goins, operations manager at SENKO (U.S.A.), Inc. “We have the capacity now to raise and lower temps from 50 degrees down to -20 in minimal time. This allows us a tremendous amount of flexibility in warehousing at multiple temperature ranges and opens more doors for new customers.”

The final piece to this installation was giving the customer the ability to monitor and control these systems via the web, which allows operators and managers access to the systems’ status from any location – even the corporate office in Japan. Because clients’ materials need to be stored at and maintain a certain temperature at all times, reports  run every five minutes and are stored to be sent to the SENKO’s  customers monthly.  As an additional level of precaution, we also installed an alarm to notify us of any malfunctions instantly so we can respond immediately and fix the issue in a timely manner.



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