TP Mechanical Earns ISO Certification for Fabrication Shop

Cincinnati, OH – TP Mechanical, a regional leader in mechanical construction, recently earned ISO 9001:2008 certification for the company’s quality management systems for prefabrication. The company, which serves large commercial construction projects, utilizes prefabrication to reduce construction costs, shorten construction schedules and decrease waste and scrap.

“We’ve implemented quality systems and continuous improvement for our fabrication shop, and it’s gratifying to have a third-party review those systems and certify that they reach this global standard of excellence,” said Bill Riddle, president of TP Mechanical. “This certification speaks to our commitment to quality and service and dedication to meeting our customers’ needs today and into the future.”

The company earned its registration for “prefabrication of components for the purpose of fast-track construction in the piping, mechanical plumbing and fire protection fields.” The firm’s ISO compliance is registered through Eagle Registrations, Inc., an ANAB accredited firm.

The fabrication shop, a 45,000-square-foot facility, is staffed by skilled tradesmen relying on state-of-the-art modeling technologies to produce custom fabricated mechanical parts. The shop fabricates a variety of materials used in HVAC, plumbing and fire protection construction. The products include steel, cast iron, CPVC, PVC and copper pipe assemblies, pipe hangers and supports, equipment and pump skids and carrier groups.

TP Mechanical’s unique fabrication capabilities streamline the construction process by accelerating production and installation time while shortening construction timelines. It can also eliminate delays due to inclement weather, prevent scheduling conflicts, reduce material waste and improve safety of workers at the job site. Fabrication can also ensure pricing accuracy, enhance quality and consistency and allow for truly custom solutions for every project challenge.

“Our customers benefit because we can streamline construction. In traditional building, owners and managers must coordinate with individual subcontractors, their accompanying teams and deal with their conflicting schedules. working in the same spaces for a specific sequence of installation on the job site,” said Dan Holland, the fabrication manager. “Instead, TP Mechanical can pre-cut, pre-build and pre-fabricate, reducing the time on-site for installation.”

The ISO 9001 system integrates a company’s internal processes to facilitate a coordinated approach for managing the business. Certified companies have implemented a system to identify, measure, control and improve the core business processes. This ultimately leads to improved business performance.

“Our fabrication shop helps our contracting business.  We have opened the fab shop to outside opportunities to help other contractors deliver their jobs as well.  With quality fabrication, we can make construction more efficient and cost effective for our customers,” said Jef Schachleiter, Internal Operation Manager for TP Mechanical. “Customers who use us as a contractor for mechanical, plumbing, HVAC/R or fire protection see green benefits, shorter construction timelines and savings in on-site labor.”

Recently, the company also began offering its prefabricated projects to other mechanical contractors through a new website, www.tpfabricationshop.com.

“Now other contractors can experience those same efficiencies and cost savings by utilizing our ISO-certified fabrication shop for their jobs,” Schachleiter said.

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