TP Mechanical Participates in Construction Executive Viewpoints

TP Mechanical’s Rick Absher, Corporate Safety Director, contributed to the June 2017 edition of Construction Executive’s Viewpoints alongside Diane Koester-Byron, President of I.E.-Pacific, Inc., and Jay Baldwin, President/CEO of Reliable Contracting Company. Rick and his co-panelists were asked to give their best tips on time management.

Rick discussed TP Mechanical’s proactive approach and how it helps our team members be solutions-oriented. Time is often wasted when an organization becomes a team of “problem reactors.” Here’s a snippet of Rick’s explanation of TP Mechanical’s hands-on method in action:

“Every week, we go through our project list and identify possible problem areas. Our teams are trained to treat difficult situations as challenges, not problems. Problems are viewed negatively, but most people like and respond well to challenges. With this way of thinking, we gain a lot more cooperation and develop better relationships at all levels.”

Rick also discussed our commitment to “Safety First, Always First” as our first core value:

“TP Mechanical Contractors strives to be the premier contractor that builds everlasting value by transforming our industry through a culture based on safety, honesty, quality, innovation and servant leadership.”

“Safety First, Always First,” as Rick describes in his time management tips, keeps us focused on the big picture and allows us to deliver on our promise to ensure the safety of our employees, clients and jobsites. We keep that promise every day, as evidenced by more than 2.8 million consecutive work hours without a lost-time accident (as of June 3, 2017).

By being proactive, solutions-oriented and committed to the safety of our employees, clients and jobsites, we can better manage the time of our projects, avoid being “problem reactors” and foster cooperative relationships while handling challenges.

To read Rick’s full thoughts on time management, click here.



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