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How to Naturally Raise Testosterone Levels In Men (Source Addicted 2 Success by Chad Howse)

Testosterone has long been demonized by society as the rage-inducing hormone that makes guys massive, covered with zits, and filled with aggression. Testosterone is associated with cheating, largely thanks to guys like Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire.

The truth, however, is very different from the perception that surrounds this hormone that literally makes men, men.

Not only does testosterone not correlate to higher levels of aggression and rage in men, as shown by a study of men with testosterone deficiency by Christina Wang, M.D., of the University of California at Los Angeles. Where, after two months of testosterone replacement treatment to bring T to normal levels, the subjects anger and agitation decreased and their sense of optimism and friendliness heightened.

The myth surrounding testosterone is abundant. Yes, high natural levels of testosterone will help you build

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8 Steps to Keep Workers Safe in the Heat.. Source U.S. Department of Labor Blog

Forecasters are calling for above-average temperatures across much of the country this summer. Are you prepared to beat the heat?

Every year, thousands of workers become ill from working in the heat, and some even die. Construction workers make up about one-third of heat-related worker deaths, but outdoor workers in every industry – particularly agriculture, landscaping, transportation, and oil and gas operations − are at risk when temperatures go up.

Heat-related illnesses and deaths can be prevented. Employers and supervisors can save the lives of workers in hot environments by following these eight simple steps:

  1. Institute a heat acclimatization plan and medical monitoring program. Closely supervise new employees for the first 14 days or until they are fully acclimatized. Most heat-related worker deaths occur in the first 3 days on the job and more than a third occur on the very first day. New and temporary workers are disproportionately affected. If someone has not worked in hot weather for at least a week, their body needs time to adjust.
  2. Encourage workers to drink about 1 cup of water every 15-20 minutes. During prolonged sweating lasting several hours, they should drink sports beverages containing balanced electrolytes.
  3. Provide shaded or air-conditioned rest areas for cooling down, and empower workers to use them.
  4. Provide workers with protective equipment and clothing (such as water-cooled garments, air-cooled garments, hats, ice-packet vests, wetted over-garments, and heat-reflective aprons or suits).
  5. Be familiar with heat illness signs and symptoms, and make sure your employees are, too. Some heat exhaustion signs are dizziness, headaches, cramps, sweaty skin, nausea and vomiting, weakness and a fast heartbeat. Heat stroke symptoms include red, hot, dry skin; convulsions; fainting; and confusion. In general, fainting and confusion represent an emergency and should trigger the call for professional evaluation.
  6. Encourage workers to recognize heat illness symptoms and notify a supervisor or medical professional if they or other coworkers are showing signs. Implement a buddy system where workers observe each other for early signs and symptoms of heat intolerance.
  7. Download OSHA’s Heat Safety Tool on your iPhone or Android device to help calculate the heat index, a measurement of how it feels when considering humidity. The app provides specific recommendations for preventing heat illness based on the estimated risk level where you are working.
  8. Know what to do in an emergency. Employees should call a supervisor for help. If a supervisor is not available, call 911. Have someone stay with the worker until help arrives.

More resources are available on OSHA’s website in English and Spanish. Remember: “Water. Rest. Shade.” can prevent heat illness and save lives. 

Congratulations estimating and sales for securing work totaling $15,590,934 and total man hours of 87,083. Wins below are reported for the months of March and April 2016.


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Fire Protection: Aldis, Bexley Service Garage, Capital Law School Backflows, CCS Kingswood Data Center, Children’s Learning Adventure, Condado II at Columbus Commons, Dr.’s West OB Triage Renovation, Drs. West General Surgery Suite Renovation, Fairfield Central School, Fairfield New School, Granville Schools Gymnasium Ceiling, Groveport Cruiser Academy Reno, Hardin Hospital 2nd Floor Renovation, Jerry’s Hunan Kitchen & Grille, KDC Fire Alarm Device Relocation, MCNA Sterile Processing Leak Repair, Medpace Building, Nanny Belle Ice Cream, ODPS Alum Creek Facility, Rhodes Tower 19th Floor Office Reno, Scioto Downs North Smoking Pad, St. Elizabeth Data Room, Symphony of Centerville, TriMold Maintenance Office, TriMold Production Office, USPS Citygate Retail, USPS Westland Station Retail Lobby, and West Clermont High School


Service: 9 E Main LLC, A Anthony Company, Air Comfort Corporation ACS, Air Comfort Systems, Allegion, Alltech, Asahi Forge of America, Atlas Building, Auto Owners Insurance, Benda-Lutz, Bentcil, Buckhead Mountain Grill, Capital University, CCL Label Company, Chewy’s, Christ Church of Glendale, Chuy’s, Circle K Midwest, City of Oxford, Colliers International, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus Zoo, Cornerstone Companies Inc., Courtyard by Marriott, Crown Plaza, CTA Acoustics Inc., Denham-Blythe, DHJ Architects, Dominion Gas Tramsmission, DTZ, EAGLE MANUFACTURING CO LLC, EDR Trust, Ensite Solutions, Facilities Excellence, Festo, Five Seasons, Franklin Brazing, Full Throttle, Gilligan Oil, Givaudan Flavors Corporation, Habitat for Humanity, Hyatt Place, International Cold Storage, Kaufman Development, Kdm P.O.P. Solutions Group, Kenton County Detention Center, KFC, Killion Corporation, Koroseal, La Chatelaine, Lane Valente, Lexington Tennis Club, Logan’s Roadhouse, Menifee County Courthouse, Nisbet Property Holdings, LTD., Noble of Indiana, Orthopedic One, Osumc Accounts Payable Dept Fp, PGW, PK Tool, Plug Smart, Praxiar Distribution Incorporated, R.C. Bigelow, Ramo Gershenson Property Managers, Rowan County Arts Center, Schaefer & Associates, Senko, Shamrock Mechanical, Shanghai Momma’s, Springhill Suites Cinti N/Forest Park, Streets of West Chester, The Gwynne Building, The Home Depot, Town Place Suites NE, Valeo Niles, VXI Global, and Wesley Glen

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