Indoor Air Quality

Our series on “Improving Indoor Air Quality” continues with a demonstration on how to clean and sanitize your evaporator coils.

Understand the importance sanitizing your indoor evaporator coils and the products building owners can use to remove viral or bacterial growth.

TP Mechanical and Ketchum & Walton explore filter technologies. Learn how air filtration plays a role in IAQ and understand the meaning behind MERV ratings.

Take your indoor air quality to the next level by applying UV technology to your HVAC systems to decontaminate surfaces and moving air streams.

Discover how ions help improve air quality by applying active technology to breakdown mold, bacteria and viruses inside your space.

Every day, we are learning more as an industry about the opportunities to provide better indoor air quality for building occupants.

With theories circulating the industry about what products can capture, filter or sanitize virus particles, TP Mechanical presents a video series to help building owners understand and adopt best practices.

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