Crown Recovery

TP Mechanical’s scope included HVAC and plumbing in two of the buildings on the campus. In the first building, our team installed 17 new VAV boxes, added plumbing for washers and dryers, as well as added and reworked the vent systems to better accommodate a new layout and function. In the second building, our team […]

Bethesda North Hospital – TCC

Bethesda North Hospital in Montgomery, Ohio, has served patients in the greater Cincinnati area for decades. In 2019, the hospital underwent an extensive expansion to increase the space for heart patients and enhance the cancer treatment center. The three-story addition features cutting edge technology and top-of-the-line patient facilities. TP was honored to provide the hydronic […]

Adena Health Systems – Adena Regional Medical Center

Prefabricated Hospital Headwalls

Our team prefabricated about 50 headwalls for this Ohio hospital. These headwalls will be placed behind each bed to provide air, oxygen and vacuum for doctors and nurses to provide critical care efficiently. Prefabricating these headwalls in our facility helps us to remain on or ahead of schedule and minimize waste.

Forge Biologics

TP’s scope includes fire protection, HVAC and plumbing for the renovated spaces. Using BIM technology and fabrication, TP will prefab chilled and hot water systems, lab gas piping and pump skids for safe and efficient installation – which is especially important for a facility that must stay extremely clean and sterile.

Pharmacy Renovation

This project consisted of the renovation of two spaces for new pharmacies – one serving the hospital and the other serving the oncology space. For the oncology space pharmacy, our team was only able to work after 5 p.m. The job site was cleaned and put back in its original form when done for the […]

Mt. Carmel New Albany Hospital Surgery & Nursing Addition

The New Albany Surgical Hospital project at 7333 Smith’s Mill Road, New Albany, Ohio, was completed in January 2011.  TP Mechanical installed and remodeled the HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems. The Mt. Carmel New Albany Hospital has a long-standing tradition of excellence. For seven years running, they have received the Summit Award from the national […]

Adena Northeast Expansion

The Adena Northeast Expansion project at 272 Hospital Road, Chillicothe, OH, was completed in April 2010; TP Mechanical installed the plumbing, HVAC and fire protection systems and provided coordination services. The project’s original contract value was $7,010,142, and had a final contract value of $7,168,000, due to owner additions and changes. The project was originally […]

Miami Valley Hospital Heart Tower

The Miami Valley Heart Tower project located at One Wyoming Street, Dayton, OH started in September 2008 was completed in December 2010 with a total construction value of $31.3 million. TP Mechanical was the plumbing and mechanical contractor for the project with a design-assist contract. The 12-story tower addition to the main campus of Miami […]

University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

UK’s College of Pharmacy is ranked 5th in the nation and its 286,000-square-foot BioPharm complex facility was created to provide top researchers, scientific minds and students with 21st-century tools. The research conducted in this building has an impact on the future of medicine and changes lives. The first three floors of the building were completed […]

TP Implements New Fabrication Method – Fully Prefabricated Mechanical Rooms

In today’s ever-changing construction environment, TP Mechanical continues to adapt and innovate. We know the challenges of large-scale construction projects, and for over thirty years we’ve answered them with our market-leading, quality-driven fabrication division. As a leader in the fabrication industry, TP continues to push the envelope with new technology and capabilities. We are proud […]

Building a Customer Service Culture

Last year, teams at TP Mechanical embraced a new goal: developing a stronger customer service culture. TP recently created a client-focused training program to help our team members who interact with customers the most, including sales reps, dispatchers, service techs, and project managers. Spearheaded by TP President/CEO Bill Riddle and implemented by TP’s Business Development […]