Coffee May Combat Alcohol’s Effect on the Liver




Coffee May Combat Alcohol’s Effect on the Liver

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According to researchers, drinking coffee may help reduce the risk of cirrhosis, a liver disease that is associated with the overindulgence of alcohol.

Cirrhosis is a potentially fatal disease that kills more than 1 million people worldwide every year. Its causes include immune disorders, excessive alcohol consumption and fatty liver disease, which is linked to obesity and diabetes.

bigstock-Coffee-1341489Studies of over 430,000 participants indicated that the risk of cirrhosis was reduced with each additional cup of coffee consumed per day. That risk was reduced by the following percentages when compared to participants who didn’t drink any coffee:

  • One cup – 22 percent lower risk
  • Two cups – 43 percent lower risk
  • Three cups – 57 percent lower risk
  • Four cups – 65 percent lower risk

While the studies accounted for alcohol consumption, none accounted for other cirrhosis risk factors, such as obesity and diabetes.


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