Why TP Mechanical?


So, what makes TP Mechanical different from other mechanical contractors? We could go with the easy answers – Quality, Service, Our People. But that’s the same story you’ll likely hear from any construction contractor. Instead, we point to tangible differences why TP Mechanical is best-positioned to meet your construction objectives and deliver comprehensive mechanical contracting solutions.

Core Values

  • Make Safety First, Always First
  • Serve by Relentlessly Offering Our Experience and Expertise Through Unconditional Teamwork
  • Mentor and Grow Everyone Within Our Company Through Servant Leadership
  • Engage Every Opportunity and Challenge with a Winning Attitude

“If I could just pick a mechanical contractor for another job, it would be TP Mechanical. That way I would know 3 important things: The job would be done right. The job would be done on time. And, best of all, my job would be easier.”

-Russ Welty, Project Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools, Ohio


As a multi-faceted company, we utilize a merit, team-based approach and look to establish long-term partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to do more than provide mechanical construction services; we utilize our decades of experience and engineering expertise to deliver innovative solutions and apply creative problem-solving to your project.

At TP Mechanical, we support the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system. With IPD, TP Mechanical provides faster delivery, better coordination and efficiency, enhanced quality and reduced costs because of its focus on teamwork between owners, architects and the CM.


Imagine having one point person who is accountable for multiple aspects of your construction project, and also not having to manage multiple vendors with conflicting schedules. This is what you get when you work with TP Mechanical. We are your end-to-end provider of comprehensive mechanical services. Our expertise in multiple areas reduces your project management burden. As a result, you can rely on one trusted partner who understands your business and has history in the construction industry.


Since 1953, TP Mechanical has been a recognized leader in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and fire protection industries. Thus, we are committed to the highest standard of excellence in mechanical contracting, service and fabrication. That same level of expertise and leadership is also available to property owners and managers for their mechanical service needs.

Prefabrication Room by TP Mechanical


TP Mechanical leads the way in providing our customers with innovative solutions to keep their environments comfortable and efficient. For construction services, our expertise and leadership in pre-fabrication techniques deliver solutions that drive down costs and shorten timelines. Additionally, our engineering team’s use of BIM and other technologies ensures the latest advances are incorporated into your projects. And in our service group, we’re unafraid to offer flexible options to customers that help them minimize cost and efficiently manage their maintenance, whether we’re serving as their single-service provider or providing back-up for existing resources.

Field workers from TP Mechanical


TP Mechanical strives to be the premier contractor that builds everlasting value by transforming our industry though a culture based on safety, honesty, quality, innovation and servant leadership.


Protect Health, Provide Comfort & Save Lives

Why We Do What We Do:

  • Plumbing is on the front lines of public health
  • HVAC empowers people to control their environment
  • Fire Protection systems protect property and people
Efficient systems tailored to your exact needs


Efficient systems tailored to your exact needs, in your budget and on schedule — that is the benefit of including TP Mechanical in your Integrated Project Delivery team. With licensed and degreed engineers on staff, our team is prepared to collaborate with you to value engineer the most effective and efficient systems. We collaborate directly with the owner, architects and construction manager in order to reduce energy usage, meet your functional needs and wants, reduce building costs and shorten construction schedules.

TP Mechanical engineers working on prefabrication


Our manufacturing facility offers unparalleled planning, pre-assembly and pre-fabrication for mechanical systems. From plumbing and piping to pre-assembled units and their associated connections, our team reduces work on-site, and thus minimizes costs and shortens construction schedules. With more work completed in a controlled environment, we are able to apply lean manufacturing techniques and reduce waste, therefore giving your project LEED benefits.

Voluntary Protection Programs


A lot of companies talk about safety, but we take it to action and beyond OSHA requirements. As participants in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), we have implemented effective safety and health management systems to not only avoid, but to prevent injuries through hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis, training, management commitment and worker involvement. We voluntarily submit to rigorous evaluations in our efforts to improve the safety of everyone on a job site. Our team’s commitment to safety is contagious, spreading to other organizations who work on the same project. Our first core value is “Safety First, Always First!”

TP Mechanical delivers end-to-end solutions to our customers, from pre-construction expertise through contracting and fabrication to service and maintenance for piping, plumbing, HVAC/R and fire protection.

We do this as a relationship-focused organization that leverages six decades of experience providing innovative solutions with excellence that drive down costs, enhance safety, increase value and deliver speed to occupancy.

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