We offer several levels of Partnership Agreements to serve our customers. Our bundled, customized agreements are designed to help you implement critical scheduled maintenance and service procedures ensuring that your system runs efficiently and reducing the need for emergency repairs. We offer agreement packages including:

We’ve got your back. When you sign on for a TP Mechanical Service Agreement, you’re allowing us to be a support to your usual maintenance staff or primary contractor while receiving our agreement discounts. All agreement partners receive a $10 per hour discount and 15% off all parts and materials. Of course, you’ll also enjoy our guaranteed four-hour response time for emergency service repair calls.

Committing to a Maintenance or Total Agreement Proposal though recommended is not a requirement to partner with TP Mechanical. Our Inspection Agreement allows us to be a back-up to your staff by typically changing your equipment’s filters and visually verifying the maintenance was performed.

Proper preventative Maintenance will reduce your operating costs and can extend the life of your mechanical equipment. Our Maintenance Agreements offer individually designed maintenance programs to fit your equipment needs and improve productivity

Our computerized Maintenance Agreements will track your equipment service history and provide capital budgeting assistance helping you eliminate surprise expenses. Properly tuned equipment runs efficiently and reduces cost, which will improve your bottom line.

Ultimately, participating in our individualized Maintenance Agreement will help you extend the life of your equipment, increase energy savings, eliminate surprise expenses and control your budget.

Our Total Agreements are formulated to meet the unique needs of your company and equipment. We bundle regularly scheduled preventative maintenance expenses with repair costs to provide you with a customized service plan that will keep your system operating at its peak efficiency, reduce your overall cost and protect your investment

Consider making our Total Agreement a part of your maintenance budget for next year. You can build essential system maintenance costs right into your annual expense forecasting and rest easy that you won’t have to pay a penny more than you planned.

Visit our service page to get a complete look at TP Mechanical’s offering.

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