Fire Protection Systems

The advantage of applying our pre-fabrication process to the construction of fire protection systems lies in the economical use of materials. At our cutting station we calculate and plan to cut consecutive pipe lengths so that we can use all materials efficiently and add LEED value to the project. As we work, all assembly materials including pipe hangers, fittings and couplings are organized and bundled for delivery to the job site, simplifying the installation process as much as possible.

All sprinkler pipe and components are delivered to the job and stay on wheels while on the project. The pipe is stacked in order of install at our facility so that there is no double handling of product or “shake out” once received by the customer. This speeds up the overall installation of the system and serves as a quality check to ensure everything has been received in order. Other fabricators send unsorted, non-mobile bundles which require sorting before installation can begin. This takes up much valuable space and time on job sites.

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