Piping & Plumbing

Due to our humble beginnings installing water heaters for Sears Roebuck and Company, one could say we know our pipes. Our pipes are fabricated according to customer specifications by highly trained workers organized in work groups – or cells – to simplify the process and encourage attention to detail. We’ve acquired high-tech cutting, beveling and welding machines that eliminate human error and speed the pipe fabrication process, surpassing the manual performance of these jobs in the field.

Our experience has taught us that often the assembly of piping supports at the job site can require more time and labor than actual installation of piping systems. We’ve answered that challenge with our innovative use of BIM technology to prefabricate and stock clevis hangers at the facility. Customers can then preorder in large bundles to eliminate assembly time in the field. We’ve even been known to construct an entire tunnel of piping supports before walls or ceilings were even built, which shaved months off of our installation timeline.

To ensure quality control, our pipes are air-tested to make sure they meet local code requirements before they are delivered to job site, accompanied by a full report of the test results.

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