Innovation. Acceleration. Precision.

We know the challenges of a large-scale construction project and we’ve answered them with our ground-breaking fabrication capabilities. We’ve transformed the way mechanical systems are designed, built and implemented, delivering superior results.  Our design team is skilled at utilizing sophisticated software to generate innovative, customized solutions for your biggest challenges. We build systems in our state-of-the-art facility in our controlled environment, accelerating your construction timeline, getting your doors open faster, and allowing us to build every component with unparalleled precision.

Sounds expensive, right? Wrong. Ultimately, if you work with TP Mechanical, total project costs are reduced:
  • All systems are built as units so we can maximize use of materials and minimize waste.
  • All materials and units are bundled for easy transportation and streamlined installation.
  • Units are delivered to the site fully-assembled and ready to install, reducing installation time from months to days.
  • Fewer workers on site for less time, meaning associated costs related to safety and personnel services are reduced.

We’ve provided more in-depth information about our fabrication services and products in the links to the left.

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