The new iHeartRadio studio space is located in Lexington’s nine-story, multi-use development, CityCenter. For the project, TP installed new HVAC, ductwork and plumbing for five radio studios and a small kitchen area. To navigate noise restrictions and respect “quiet times” for residents and other tenants, TP performed all core drilling between 5pm and 7pm and […]

Crown Recovery

TP Mechanical’s scope included HVAC and plumbing in two of the buildings on the campus. In the first building, our team installed 17 new VAV boxes, added plumbing for washers and dryers, as well as added and reworked the vent systems to better accommodate a new layout and function. In the second building, our team […]

OSU Covelli Center

The Covelli Center is a multi-purpose arena on the campus of The Ohio State University. The arena has a seating capacity of 3,700 and serves as home to varsity volleyball, gymnastics, fencing and wrestling. As the mechanical and plumbing contractor on the project, TP Mechanical was responsible for all the plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation […]

Big Walnut Elementary + Central Energy Plant

To ensure the installation of piping and equipment went as effortlessly and fast as possible, TP built the entire mechanical room in our 100,000 square foot distribution center. The mechanical room was completely pre-assembled while the energy plant structure was simultaneously being built. Once the building was dried-in, the pre-assembled portion of the mechanical room […]

Dayton Arcade

The renovated arcade features space for retail, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, multiple floors of residential space and more including a section known as The Hub, which is a joint venture between the University of Dayton and The Entrepreneurs Center. Our team performed a large amount of the plumbing and HVAC work, as well as installed new […]

Greene County Career Center

The Greene County Career Center provides career-technical education for students in the Greene County School District. Replacing the original career center built in 1967, the new center is over 260,000 square feet and offers a broad spectrum of programs including construction technology, automotive technology, welding, metal fabrication, engineering and more.

Pharmacy Renovation

This project consisted of the renovation of two spaces for new pharmacies – one serving the hospital and the other serving the oncology space. For the oncology space pharmacy, our team was only able to work after 5 p.m. The job site was cleaned and put back in its original form when done for the […]


Size was no obstacle when installing two boiler and one pump skid for the WPAFB C-line project. Assembling all three skids in our Cincinnati fabrication shop took nearly five months from start to finish while the team on-site placed overhead piping to prepare for the preassembled skids. To transport the skids, the largest of which […]

Bethesda North Hospital – TCC

Bethesda North Hospital in Montgomery, Ohio, has served patients in the greater Cincinnati area for decades. In 2019, the hospital underwent an extensive expansion to increase the space for heart patients and enhance the cancer treatment center. The three-story addition features cutting edge technology and top-of-the-line patient facilities. TP was honored to provide the hydronic […]

Harrison Junior High and Central Elementary

The new VRF system in the junior high will allow each classroom to run either heat or cooling; these systems are convenient for comfort in each individual classroom and are also highly energy efficient. Unique to an elementary school, all the plumbing was designed and installed with elementary students in mind. Drinking fountains, bathroom fixtures […]

Grease Traps and Interceptors

Due to the danger of having men six to eight feet below ground, this was a perfect project for fabrication. The team preassembled grease interceptors on a skid resulting in a safer environment, better-quality product and enhanced the project schedule.

Adena Health Systems – Adena Regional Medical Center

Prefabricated Hospital Headwalls

Our team prefabricated about 50 headwalls for this Ohio hospital. These headwalls will be placed behind each bed to provide air, oxygen and vacuum for doctors and nurses to provide critical care efficiently. Prefabricating these headwalls in our facility helps us to remain on or ahead of schedule and minimize waste.