Green Construction

Green Construction: Reduce costs and protect the environment? Yes, you can have it all. 

Efficient use of key resources, better air quality and improved health of building inhabitants are the hallmarks of green construction practices. As a LEED certified company, TP Mechanical actively seeks out and implements the latest technologies and techniques that improve the building’s environmental impact and reduces the overall operating cost of the building.

The operation of HVAC claims between 40% and 60% of energy and water use in most commercial buildings. We have experienced LEED Accredited Professionals who will apply value-engineering methods to improve the overall energy efficiency of the systems we work on for your project. Our in-house pre-fabrication facility allows us to work in a controlled environment so that we can carefully manage the environmental impact of our construction process as well as implement lean manufacturing techniques that reduce materials waste and aid in recycling packaging and parts.

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