BIM & Design/Assist

Think a custom design will cost you more money? Think again.

We’re in the business of delivering custom designs that do more with every dollar. TP Mechanical has the capability, expertise and resources to provide design/build, design/assist and other pre-construction services. We pair comprehensive design services with state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities to coordinate every step of the process, reducing costs at every stage:

  • Enhanced coordination of integrated teams makes production more cost-effective
  • Pre-fabrication and pre-assembly of parts makes installation more efficient
  • Lean manufacturing methods reduce waste
  • Minimized project risk
  • Faster delivery of final product shortens construction timeline
  • Value-engineering reduces long-term building operation costs

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Custom designs deliver owner-driven, superior results

Faster delivery, better coordination and efficiency, reduced costs and enhanced quality are just a few of the advantages of the Design/Build approach in commercial construction.

Our design/build teams are comprised of engineers who are skilled at applying BIM, pre-fabrication and value-engineering methods to create custom, innovative designs that meet your project needs. Our teams collaborate with owners, architects and construction managers to design mechanical systems that accomplish multiple construction objectives while reducing building costs. From a standard rooftop zoning approach to a variable box and DDC control system design, our teams can tackle any job and will work to overcome any challenge or obstacle your project may present.

Because we handle design, fabrication and pre-fabrication in-house, we can assemble modules off-site in a controlled environment, avoiding delay due to weather or site-related incidents, expediting product completion and delivery. Additionally, we can apply lean manufacturing techniques and LEED principles to reduce waste, recycle packaging and generate less scrap.

Mechanical systems and plumbing can be the cause of costly ongoing building operation expenditures if not well-planned. Value-engineering is our specialty and our teams are prepared to design a reliable system that will meet performance requirements, fit in your project budget and minimize energy and maintenance costs.

We provide engineering services for:

  • System Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • HVAC Design Heat Load Calculations
  • HVAC System Design
  • Plumbing System Design and Layout
  • Fire Sprinkler Design & Layout
  • Duct and Piping Sizing and Layout
  • Equipment Selection
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Control Sequence Operations
  • Specifications

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