Bill Riddle, President & CEO

At TP Mechanical, when we say there are no limits to the way that you can advance your career, we mean it. The best example is our current company president and CEO.

“Possibilities are endless for people with a strong work ethic. TP Mechanical is a place of opportunity if you’re willing to work for it. Do your job and do it well, because there is a customer depending on us to deliver what we promised.” – Bill Riddle

Bill Riddle, President & CEO, 31 years with TP Mechanical

  • Joined the company at the age of 19
  • Started as an apprentice on February 4th, 1985
  • Starting income $4.25 per hour
  • Project superintendent in year 4 of apprenticeship
  • Earned plumbing license in 1989
  • Moved into the office as a Project Manager in 1996
  • Served as a VP Regional Manager for Cincinnati operations from 2005 to 2011
  • Named company president in 2011
  • Name president & CEO in 2015

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