TP Mechanical Leadership Team

Behind every great leader is a great team

Our goal is to be responsive to our customers’ needs and to provide solutions that exceed expectations. We couldn’t do that without having a strong leadership team in place to carry out our vision and make it a reality. When we assembled our team, we chose highly qualified people who bring talent, character, creativity and experience to the table. They work hard, every day, to keep TP Mechanical at the forefront of progress, streamline our processes and work with our customers’ requirements. At TP Mechanical, we utilize a merit, team-based approach. We strive to create a company culture that inspires loyalty and motivates everyone to give their best every day. We know that great leaders inspire these qualities in their work force by providing guidance, direction and hands-on management principles so that everyone here at TP Mechanical is prepared to provide the best service possible. We’re committed to excellence and we expect nothing less from our people at the top. Let us introduce you to our team:

Bill Riddle
Tim Hoover
Tom Wilson
Tim Teepe
Jason Ralstin
Ken Wood
Steve Blust
Jason Finkbeiner
Aaron Scott
Rick Absher
Kelly Wilson
Mayur Kadakia
Matt Anderson

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