We’ve revolutionized how mechanical work is done.

The TP Mechanical advantage is innovation, pure and simple. We’ve taken the fabrication concept, expanded on its capabilities and used it in ground-breaking applications that have transformed the role of mechanical systems in the commercial construction industry.

Our unique fabrication capabilities will revolutionize your project by streamlining your construction process:

  • Accelerate production and installation time
  • Shorten construction timelines
  • Eliminate delays due to inclement weather and schedule conflicts
  • Reduce material waste
  • Improve safety of workers and job site
  • Ensure pricing accuracy to help you stay within budget
  • Specialized work groups/cells enhance quality and consistency of all units
  • Pre-test systems before delivery to ensure local code compliance
  • Bundle materials and units for easy transport, saving money as well as time in the field
  • Create customized solutions to every project challenge

TP Mechanical is different from the other contractors out there because we house a team of experienced, creative engineers, state of the art software, technology and equipment and a 45,000 square foot fabrication facility – all under one roof.

As our client you’ll benefit because, rather than dealing with several specialized, individual subcontractors and their accompanying teams, supplies, equipment, timelines and conflicting schedules on the job site, you can deal with TP Mechanical’s full range of contracting teams and services off site – in one place.

Our process, from the ground up


Our highly trained engineers are skilled at utilizing BIM and CAD technologies to customize designs according to your project needs and specifications as well as coordinate multiple systems in 2D and 3D fields. Collision-proof software ensures error-free drawings to help multiple field-teams install complex, integrated systems swiftly and reliably. Finally, we’ll provide you with accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing estimates as your project evolves.


We’ve organized our fabrication department into specialized work groups we call cells. Each technician is highly trained in the production and assembly of the assigned unit or module, securing singular focus and attention to detail at every step of the process. Additionally, we’ve invested in high-tech automated equipment to ensure consistency and quality of every cut and weld made.


Once the units or modules are produced, we fabricate our carrier group assembly, where we can continue building our units in a controlled environment and prepare them for easy transport. Our carriers also make it easy to set our units in place using a crane once they’ve arrived at the job site.

Carrier groups are what we call sections of plumbing piping with fixture carriers included. We fabricate our carrier group assembly in-house, so we can continue building our units in a controlled environment and prepare them for easy transport. Our carriers make it easy to set our units in place using a dolly or crane once they’ve arrived at the job site.


Before we pack up our units for delivery, we air-test all piping systems and ensure that they will meet local codes. Detailed reports of results are sent to the field with the units.


One of the big advantages of pre-fabrication lies in the fact that much of the work is done prior to installation in the field. Assembly work is done in our controlled facility on ground level, rather than requiring work at high elevations in awkward positions at the job site. In addition to improving safety, this minimizes on-site labor time and helps enhance the quality of the product. We can bundle materials and transport products in modules or units to simplify the process in the field. Because we’ve done most of the work before the product ever arrives at the job site, installation happens in record time.

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