Fire Protection Services

Specializing in commercial and institutional systems we are equipped to address the unique challenges of your large-scale project. Our comprehensive Fire Protection Services ensure that your system is compliant, cost-effective, and most importantly, prepared to respond and perform in an emergency.

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Innovation is our specialty and our team of licensed, certified staff is prepared to handle all your facility’s fire protection needs. When it comes to design, the TP Mechanical engineering team will utilize BIM and CAD technologies to map out the most efficient, cost-effective and most advanced system to best meet the needs of your facility. They’ll choose the materials and equipment that will keep your construction budget in check while ensuring that your system will run smoothly and economically year after year.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility makes it possible for us to plan, pre-fabricate and pre-assemble much of your system in our controlled environment so we can make use of lean manufacturing techniques that will reduce work on site, shorten construction timelines and ultimately save you money. Our technicians and project leaders are knowledgeable of the latest NFPA updates and local codes to keep you current and compliant while bringing your project to completion safely and efficiently.

Our fire protection capabilities include:

  • Wet, Dry & Preaction
  • Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Factory Trained Installers
  • Licensed CAD Designers
  • Full Service Resources
  • Inspection Services
  • Specialized Hazard Systems

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