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Denham Blythe

TP Mechanical



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During the summer of 2016, our service team in Lexington, Kentucky, was tasked with a project that included designing and installing an industrial walk-in cooler and freezer for Senko (U.S.A), Inc.

Measuring 23,000 square feet in size, configuring these refrigeration systems presented several challenges. Chief among those was the need for the units to run at different temperatures consistently throughout the day + 34 degrees in the cooler and -20 degrees in the freezer. We needed to find a cost-effective solution for the owners that still allowed the systems to run at optimal temperatures. We delivered by ...Read More


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The Ohio State University

Messer Construction

HKS Architects, Inc.

Heapy Engineering

Industrial, Education

$1.2 million

January 2014

March 2014

A series of residence hall renovations on the campus of The Ohio State University posed a unique challenge – maintaining mechanical and water service after demolition of the residence hall that contains the current energy plant for the area. TP Mechanical developed a creative solution – a temporary energy plant to operate for 18 months while construction of the replacement residence hall and energy plant is completed.

The TP Mechanical team needed to deliver an operational energy plant, complete with exterior building, in just 90 ...Read More

Tight timeline? Bring it on. 

We like challenging projects and aggressive timelines; unusual circumstances and intricate details are our specialty.

That’s why we were excited to tackle the ARM/Berry Plastics project. TP Mechanical welcomed the opportunity to fabricate and install a new primary/secondary chilled water piping system – while the old system continued to run and the facility remained occupied. We had four months from the time the contract was awarded until the project milestone to have the chillers up and running. Plus, there were no blueprints to work from.

For us, that’s just another day on the job. Our first step was ...Read More

When TriMold LLC, a plastic supplier for Honda, came to us to design and build their fire protection system, we knew we had quite a job on our hands.

Due to the nature of the type of production going on in this facility, fire suppression and special hazard design was vital to the safety of the building and its occupants. Additionally, the remote location of the facility meant it didn’t have a nearby water source sufficient enough to sustain the necessary hazard design.

Read More

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