Time for an Energy Check Up




Time for an Energy Check Up

service photos LOW RES DSC_4232The quality and use of energy in commercial properties becomes much more important as the building structure and equipment ages pass ten years. This is a crucial time when your equipment may begin to show signs of needed updates and repairs. Facility managers who take the time to have their equipment inspected with an energy audit will avoid costly emergency repairs and potentially delay the cost of replacing equipment.

Energy audits can include a review of:

  • heating
  • cooling
  • lighting systems
  • water consumption
  • ventilation
  • control systems
  • the building envelope

Energy Audit Results

According to researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, energy audits, which can sometimes be called commissioning, can identify savings on average of 16 percent in existing buildings and 13 percent in new buildings. Facilities with a comprehensive approach to audits, sometimes also called commissioning, achieved twice the average savings and those with a constrained approach achieved five times the savings.

Where Do We Begin?

service photos LOW RES DSC_4308Typically, you will find that HVAC, lighting and production equipment use the most energy and should be the primary focus of energy audits. Different commercial properties serve different purposes and each must have an energy audit that is custom for the building’s main business.

Energy audits promote building longevity and durability and make building operations more cost effective. We can help you prioritize and invest in energy-saving measures.

The benefits of a custom energy audit can include increasing property value, as well as the comfort and health of your employees and customers. While saving money is a huge benefit, there are more long-term advantages to your health for everyone in your building. Energy audits can identify ways to improve indoor air quality by analyzing the ventilation systems and checking for harmful toxins.

A high energy star rating can also contribute to your sustainability initiatives and brand image. As part of an energy audit, our inspectors will examine your internal structure, locate any inefficiency and recommend changes that can help you achieve a high energy star rating.

You Next Move

TP Mechanical brings more than 60 years of experience serving customers with more efficient systems. During our visit, we will make recommendations for alternatives and facilitate systematic replacement over time to keep your operation running smoothly and keeping you in the green.

Energy audits or any other emergency service call can be requested by calling 800-829-1989 or by filling out a service request form.


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