Writing Guidelines | Common Errors




Writing Guidelines | Common Errors

bigstock-The-word-Share-in-many-speech--30299768Tip of the Week #8 | Writing Guidelines – Common Errors | By TP Mechanical Contractors Academy

Whether it is a simple email, formal letter, or part of a marketing packet, every communication counts.  The easiest image booster is to use the spell check to correct spelling and grammar errors before sending out any email or document!  If you are unsure of the proper grammar usage, is a good resource.

The following are some selections from the common errors section of the writing guidelines document.

Common Errors

1. Confusion of ensure, assure, and insure – our documentation most commonly requires the use of ensure

  • Assure means to promise or say with confidence
  • Ensure means to make sure something will or won’t happen
  • Insure means to issue an insurance policy

2. Proper Spelling of the word through rather than thru (informal spelling)

3. Improper use of apostrophe – apostrophe possession

  • Place the apostrophe before the s to show singular possession (i.e. one boy’s hat)
  • Place the apostrophe after the s to show plural possession (i.e. two boys’ hats)

4. Use two spaces after a period for a complete sentence in order to provide consistency

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